Agriculture & Livestock Automation Solution

One of the major problems in livestock and agriculture industries is labor force expense. At Ensil our engineers and designers are working on fully automated solutions to cut the expenses and add to the productivity of our farms and livestock industry. 

livestock automation


Automated harvesting, collecting and packing machinery from beginning to the end of the process using 5G network capabilities.


Processing Plants

Food is a sensitive product in terms of public health. The less human interaction with the food products the safer we all are. Fully Automated food processing is the future of the industry.



Imagine a greenhouse that adjust its own temp, light, humidity and also detects and tags unhealthy plants. Our brilliant solutions will increase your profit and cuts down your expenses. 


Livestock requires undisrupted attention and that attention can be given by using our fully automated monitoring and attending systems than can be controlled and viewed from your smart device from any distance. 


Sensors Design & Production

Design and manufacturing of costume sensors for any application that your work requires.  

mobile apps

Smart Devices App

You can enjoy your new automated farm using our state of the art app on any smart device that you have with any operating system.



Upgrading to fully automated farm will increase your benefit while you save on energy, time and money.  

FDA approved
iso 9001 2015