High Power Electronics Solutions

Ensil’s world-class engineers are top professionals with the highest experience in AC drives , DC drives , Servo Drives and remanufacturing.
The equipment Ensil uses to identify, test, and complete all drive repairs is of the highest quality to ensure each drive returns to you as though it were brand new. Our engineers are perfectionists when it comes to quality control, and our in-house OEM specification database allows us to give you fast and cost-effective drive repair service to keep your business operating.


Ensil’s unique technological capabilities can be your partner to solve many of engineering and technological problems. We have the required resources to design, prototype or re-design and manufacture many of military devices and assemblies:

Ensil maintains a broad technical library and database of our past military electronics repair work for a broad spectrum of applications.

Wind Turbine Electronics


Nuclear Plant

Power Plant

high power electronic solutions

Ensil focuses on enhancing mission critical technologies in the areas of high power & green energy industries. Ensil’s mission is to develop new technologies and improve the existing technologies through the in-house research.

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